About Us

FoodiezJunction is Special in Making Foods in Kongu Nadu Style, Kongu Nadu food has a distinctive taste because of following traditional cooking techniques and usage of regional ingredients in every dish. The cuisine does not marinate meat but is used as is for giving different taste and texture.

The Food Items Prepared in Foodiez Junction will be like the dishes prepared by your mother or grandmother which can evoke powerful memories that live deep within your subconscious. What you eat as a child will have a profound impact years later when you taste some thing similar as an adult. You Can Enjoy the real story is hidden behind every flavor and taste as it evokes an idea and a feeling in every bite,

About our Service:

  • We Under Take all Kinds of Party Orders
  • Free Home Delivery For Orders above 500 ( With in 5 Kms  From Gandhi Park)
  • Order Before 8pm on Saturday and Get Instant Delivery before 2pm on Sunday